King Charles & wife holding up their... intestines! (1370s)

by Jean de LIÈGE (active from 1381 to 1403)

(Official artwork title at the end of page)

Richelieu wing, Ground flr, Jean de Liège, Room 9

King Charles IV and his 3rd wife (and cousin) hold bags of their... intestines. Ew. These are from a tomb ^ of ONLY their intestines; hearts and bodies are in other tombs ^. They've slight smiles, graceful bodies, hands and clothes. The lion under his feet symbolizes his courage, and the dog under hers, her fidelity; his first wife cheated aplenty. They had 3 daughters but no male heir, so when Charles died, England and France fought for the throne, starting the Hundred Years War ^. Why didn't a daughter just stick on a fake moustache? Scroll down for more gruesome, saucy and gossipy stuff.

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This was around when the black plague that killed 75-200 million in Eurasia (so wash your hands). Jews were blamed (of course) and many communities were wiped out. Also, Mongols invented biological warfare by catapulting diseased bodies into besieged European cities. Tamerlane, infamous and cruel king conquered Delhi. He's still a hero in Central Asia and a villain in India.
Body parts locations: This tomb was at Maubuisson Abbey ^ in NW Paris. Their bodies are in Saint-Denis, north of Paris ^. This was fashionable with the elite those days, burying bodies, hearts and entrails in different religious sites (the Pope had to give permission). The very basic idea was to increase the chances of getting onto Heaven's guest list. Nothing to do with Harry Potter Horcruxes^. Jeanne (wife) died 50 years after Charles.
The sculptor: Jean de Liège was a famous sculptor during the reign of Charles V. The straight nose and slight hollow at the inner corner of the eye are characteristic of him and his workshop.
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Official title: Charles IV, the Fair and his wife Jeanne d'Evreux each holding a bag containing their entrails (1370s?)
In French: Charles IV le Bel (mort en 1328) et Jeanne d'Évreux (morte en 1371), sa femme, tenant chacun un sac contenant leurs entrailles