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Tomb of Philippe Pot

Tomb of Philippe Pot - who was a Burgundian nobleman, diplomat and warrior, grandson of a Crusader. He was famous for his speeches and was called "the mouth of Cicero".

 The figures carrying the tomb are "Weepers" -  they would accompany noblemen's tombs to their burial ground. Normally, they would be small weeper figures next to the tomb, but here, they became live-sized. Philippe Pot - an important figure at the court of Burgundy. he served the dukes of burgundy but after the death of charles the bold he started serving the kings of france - louis XIth - an enemy of charles the bold. Burgundy is now a region in France. This tomb was to remain in Burgundy, which was weird, because he was probably viewed as a traitor there. He had his tomb built during his lifetime, kind of like pharaohs in egypt. the figure of Philippe Pot has his eyes open and his hands in prayer. the inscriptions tells about his career and explains his change of camps. this work was supposed to be seen from a distance thats why theres less attention to little details.