Napoleon Bonaparte Visiting the Plague-Stricken in Jaffa

This is Napoleon Bonaparte visiting plague Victim in Jaffa, Syria (1799).

Napoleon did indeed visit Jaffa and poisoned 50 of his own men who were infected with plague. News of this spread and Bonaparte commissioned this painting as damage control. It shows him touching a plague victim, unafraid and unharmed. A doctor on his side is advising him against this and another officer has a napkin over his mouth in disgust. Two arab men are giving bread to the sick. 

Napoleon is depicted like Christ healing lepers.

This is a painting by Antoine-Jean Gros. This particular painting made his career. There is a lot of divide between light and shade in this painting. Napoleon is given central view. Gros was a neoclassical painter, but he was a precursor to the romantics because of Orienatalism and the emphasis on suffering.