Pastoral concert, picnic with nudes, 1509

Audio Guide# 5523 (in French: Le Concert champêtre)

by Tiziano VECELLIO, i.e. TITIAN (Pieve di Cadore, 1488/1490 - Venice, 1576)

Department of Paintings: Italian painting

The painting has two nude women. Everything else is extraneous.

Extra! Extra! (Optional)

Possible meaning: Two musicians, a well dressed aristocrat with a lute, representing noble lyric poetry and a regular chap, an ordinary lyricist, think of poetry and music symbolized as nudes: tragic poetry pouring water (says Wiki^) and pastoral poetry^ (with the flute) who exalts idyllic, peaceful, simple, bucolic, Utopian rural life with pretty landscapes and innocent shepherds (both of which are also seen here) over the gritty city. Like the Hamptons vs NYC. Mixing the visible and invisible was normal in Venice those days. The representations are based on Aristotle's poetics^.
A whodunit: Supposedly, Giorgione, a Venetian painter influenced by Leonardo da Vinci, just started it but died in 1510 from the plague. It was finished by his student, Titian, who later became a master of the Renaissance, a movement that revived classical Greek and Roman art and ideals. The whodunit has raged for 5 centuriesauthorship sometimes attributed to the artists Bellini, Palma Vecchio or Sebastiano del Piombo. No doubt more headspace will continue such rumination.
Meanwhile... the following things happened in the world:

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